Cultus Lake Aquatic Stewardship Strategy, or CLASS, is an informal network of individuals, residents, organizations and government representatives whose common interest is to preserve the ecological health of Cultus Lake.
cultus lake community beach + docks
A core group meets on the last Wednesday of each month (except August and December) to discuss and address matters affecting the lake. Its members take part in community events, monitor the lake and environs, help with invasive species field work, and endeavour to work collaboratively and respectfully with other organizations. Membership and participation in CLASS covers a wide range from Federal agencies and NGO’s to civic government to concerned residents and neighbours.

The CLASS Strategy
CLASS policy is to follow a non-adversarial approach and to make decisions through consensus. The strategy is to build cooperation and coordination by bringing agencies and individuals together – building community. By developing a sense of connection, collaboration and belonging amongst community members, CLASS hopes to motivate residents and others to take part in the care of Cultus Lake.

CLASS endeavours to do this by obtaining information from knowledgeable, respected sources, then sharing that data and its context with the wider community to raise awareness and engagement. Through continued discussion, listening, and exchange of ideas, CLASS works to build a sense of ownership in the community, for the purpose to make decisions and to take actions to preserve and protect Cultus Lake.

  1. Gathering information;
  2. Building community;
  3. Stimulating new scientific research to understand nutrient impact
Specifics have included: Issues Workshop, Oral History Project, Literature Review, Caring For Cultus booklet, Cultus Lake 3-dimensional map, Cultus Pygmy Sculpin Workshop, Lake Levels, Community Sewage, Cultus Lake User Survey 2010 and partnering with new science regarding Nutrient Mass Balance.

Lake care issues range from human impacts to climate change to predator and invasive species management. CLASS participants recognize that if the Lake is healthy for fish it will be good for people, too.

Our Vision Statement:
Cultus Lake is a diverse, productive lake ecosystem, offering recreational opportunities that are healthy, safe and enjoyable for all, with respect and stewardship of the biological, ecological, spiritual, cultural and aesthetic values of this ecosystem.