The strategic approach to achieving lake care is to build community
Community building means that no one single person can do all the work, and together we all have a part whether participation is changing habits, public outreach or government decision-making.

Caring for Cultus Lake doesn’t require you to be a biologist or scholarly researcher. All it takes is steps to lessen our impact on the Cultus Lake watershed. You can take steps at home, and there are measures you can take as a member of the community as well.

First, get informed. Use this website to get to know about the issues that affect the Cultus Lake ecosystem. Then get involved in community consultations that address some of those issues.

Like Eutrophication :
Cultus Lake Liquid Waste Management Plan
In 2015, the Fraser Valley Regional District struck a committee to review methods by which it can manage liquid waste in the Cultus Lake region.

PlanCultus Community and Park Plan
New residential and commercial developments could put more pressure on the lake ecosystem. In 2015, the Fraser Valley Regional District is reviewing its official community plan for the area for the next two decades, in PlanCultus. There will be several public meetings and other opportunities coming up for you to learn more about this important next step in protecting the Cultus Lake watershed. Stay informed and please attend the meetings and read the posted materials.