A representative survey, of diverse demographics, was undertaken of 167 lake users in the summer of 2010 to determine current public environmental awareness and to measure current lake-care actions. Among its findings:
  • 93% want more environmental care and more funding for environmental care
  • 92% expressed concern about safety and overcrowding
  • Between 82 and 87% expressed concern about sockeye, invasive species (milfoil), and water-quality (temperature, fuel spills, nutrients)
  • 54% were concerned about other species like the unique Cultus Pygmy Sculpin
  • 53% of visitors planned to increase their visits to Cultus Lake
  • 81% of people surveyed were visitors to Cultus Lake
  • The largest category of lake-users – were swimmers at 66%; 27% were powerboaters; 33% were non-power boaters
  • Most people liked the beauty, natural setting, easy access and low-cost of visiting Cultus Lake
  • Most people did not like the crowds, rowdy behaviour, noise, loud music on power boats, fast speed and high densities of power boats
  • Of power boaters surveyed, 62% use the no-drip fuel spout or fuel up at a gas station before coming to the lake; 62% say that they wash their boat to reduce the spread of milfoil; 47% control their speed to prevent shoreline erosion. Some expressed the need for speed to get a large enough wake for wake-boarding
Lake-users are becoming more aware of environmental impacts to Cultus Lake. The condition of lake water quality and the condition of habitat is critical to fish species as well as property-values (and the Cultus Lake economies) that benefit from a healthy lake and ecosystem. Visitors are increasing, as will impacts to Cultus Lake. It is very timely to address Caring For Cultus Lake.