CLASS in action STEWARDSHIP: The ethic that underscores the beliefs and activities of the CLASS NETWORK.

The goal of CLASS is to preserve and protect the health of the lake and its watershed for the sake of the environment and for future generations. To do this we engage science and traditional knowledge to discover the nature of Cultus, to understand the factors that threaten the lake’s well-being, and to mitigate and possibly eliminate those threats.

CLASS network partners organize actions ranging from study and research, to on-the-ground projects, to public education and involvement.

Work done and supported has included: Issues Workshop, Oral History Project, Literature Review, Caring For Cultus booklet, Cultus Lake 3-dimensional map, Cultus Pygmy Sculpin Workshop, Lake Levels, Community Sewage, Cultus Lake User Survey 2010 and partnering with new science regarding Nutrient Mass Balance.

Lake care issues include: nutrient loading impacts from septic tanks, lawn and agricultural fertilizers, hydrocarbons, and bird nutrients (Eutrophication); resource extraction impacts, lake levels, sedimentation /turbidity and invasive aquatic plants (watermilfoil and iris). Cultus Lake is home for 19 species of fish, including the endangered populations of Cultus Sockeye (COSEWIC1 listed) and Cultus Pygmy Sculpin (SARA2 listed), and CLASS strives to increase awareness of these two unique species in our lake. Underpinning all work being done and to come, is the need for supported dialogue with First Nations, neighbours and local governments.