Water quality threatened at Cultus Lake says research

cultus lake news : water quality threatened

Chilliwack Progress – January 19, 2015

New research is showing that water quality at Cultus Lake is suffering from the effects of nutrient loading, known as “eutrophication.”

The excessive nutrients are from sources like agricultural fertilizers and soil erosion, which can cut oxygen levels in the popular lake and threaten fish habitat.

The upshot is more algae, more weeds like Eurasian water milfoil, and less water clarity.

The nutrients find their way into the lake water from the rain, snow and dust, as well as from bird droppings and septic leaching.

Dr. Daniel Selbie, a limnologist, will be speaking on the topic, Jan. 22 at Cultus community school.

He’ll be discussing the latest research by SFU master’s student Annika Putt which points to culprits such as increased human activity around the lake, and a population of resident gulls…

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