cultus lake community
A Community

Cultus Lake Park to the north, Cultus Lake Provincial Park east and west, Columbia Valley and Lindell Beach to the south. The Cultus Lake community includes over 1,000 permanent residents and seasonal cottagers, in addition to an abundance of tourists making use of park and private cabins.
A Tourist Destination

Given its natural mountain setting, its abundant recreational opportunities, its diverse fish and wildlife, and its proximity to major urban centres, Cultus Lake is a prime destination for lake and nature lovers. The Fraser Valley Regional District measures more than 3 million visitors per year to the watershed.  view : Gallery
A Vital Ecosystem

Cultus Lake watershed contains a diverse flora and fauna typically seen in Pacific coastal foothills. The Lake is home to 19 species of fish including the endangered cultus sockeye salmon, and the species-at-risk cultus pygmy sculpin.