A Community

A Recreation Destination

A Vital Ecosystem

Given its natural mountain setting, its abundant recreational opportunities, its diverse fish and wildlife, and its proximity to major urban centres, CULTUS LAKE is a prime destination for lake and nature lovers. The Fraser Valley Regional District measures more than 3 million visitors per year to the watershed.


The ethic that underscores the beliefs and activities of the CLASS NETWORK.

The goal of CLASS is to preserve and protect the health of the lake and its watershed for the sake of the environment and for future generations. To do this we engage science and traditional knowledge to discover the nature of Cultus, to understand the factors that threaten the lake’s well-being, and to mitigate and possibly eliminate those threats.

We invite you to join us in our efforts to protect the ecological values of the Cultus Lake watershed.

cultus lake: salmon
eurasian watermilfoil : cultus lake Eurasian Watermilfoil
This invasive plant can outcompete and replace native plant communities, reducing overall biological diversity and reducing water quality.

cultus lake: salmon
pygmy sculpin : cultus lake
Pygmy Sculpin
Nowhere else in the world can you find the Cultus Pygmy Sculpin. This little fish is a SARA (Species-At-Risk-Act) listed species.

cultus lake: water drops

Since October 2007, the Cultus Lake Aquatic Stewards have addressed lake water quality by “building community” around the issues, bringing awareness and necessary actions. Facilitated by the Fraser Basin Council, all interests and sectors were brought together, each in their own way, to take action benefiting the Lake. Achievements include:
  1. Gathering information;
  2. Building community;
  3. Stimulating new scientific research to understand nutrient impact

cultus lake: water drops
PlanCultus What You Can Do
Gardening with Native Plants; Get to know your Septic System; Get Eco-informed; Get involved in Community Consultation